Welcome to IHS!


Winter "Informal" Event

The Winter Informal  will be held on Saturday, December 11th from 7:00 pm until Midnight.  Tickets are $7 for Singles and $10 for Couples.  Tickets will be on sale duriong High School lunch starting today and continuing through next week.   There will be pizza, popcorn, soda and...MOVIES!

Junior High Dance!

Dust off your dancing shoes!  The Junior High Dance will be tomorrow, Tuesday, November 25th from 5pm - 7pm in our Cafeteria.  Junior High students only.  On ly $2 to get in and boogie down!

Fire & Fuels Career Camp

The 2015 Fires & Fuels Camp will be held from March 6-8, 2015.  Applications must be submitted by December 19, 2014.  This camp is open to 20 high school seniors only so be sure to get your applications in early!  If you are curious about a carer in fire management, fire ecology, and natural resource programs, this is a great opportunity for you!

5th Avenue This Friday

This Friday, November 21, we will have another 5th Avenue.  Teachers will be available from 8am - 11 am to help students with missed work or extra tutoring, if they are behind in a particular subject.  This is a great opportunity to get those grades up!

High School Winter Sports Tip-Off/Parent Meeting

The High School Winter Sports Tip-Off/Parent Meeting will take place on Monday, November 24th at 6:00 pm here at the high school.  Parents are strongly encouraged to attend!

Important Message from the Superintendent

To our students, parents, staff and community:

All of us in the Morrow County School District have been struggling to come to terms with the recent death of one of our students. The loss of someone so young is a tragedy for all of us, and healing will require time and effort.

To that end, Morrow County School District implemented a crisis team from the InterMountain Educational Service District at Irrigon Jr-Sr High to provide assistance to students and staff who need it.  Students and staff have been notified of support, care services and have been given access, to be able to share their grief.  The district has also maintained additional counseling staff throughout the week.  Morrow County School District has also provided information to families as well as offered grief resources to teachers and families.  As you know, young people are impressionable, and we’re counting on our staff, parents, and community to help emotionally support our students and remain vigilant for any signs that could warn of impending issues of concern. 

Please contact Superintendent Dirk Dirksen at 541-922-4016 with concerns or questions.

One of the many benefits of living and learning in a small community such as ours is that we support each other in hard times. Let’s do all that we can to help one another, and particularly to support the family that has suffered this terrible loss.


Dirk Dirksen
Morrow County School District

BMCC Poster Contest!

BMCC is sponsoring a poster contest for students in grades 9 - 12.  The winner will have their poster used in ads for BMCC and will receive $250!  Your poster should show reasons why students should consider BMCC after graduating high school.  Your poster can be either vertical or horizontal, but not bigger than 11" x 17"; it should contain print and graphics that are school appropriate and you must have your name, address, phone number, grade, and the name of our school on the back.  Bring your entry to Mr. Bensen's office before December 11th and the winners will be selected on December 17th.

Students Going to Mexico

Students who are planning to go to Mexico for the holidays should see Mrs. Hopkins and make sure to fill out and turn in the proper forms.

2013-2014 State Report Cards Are In

View Report Cards here: http://www.morrow.k12.or.us/reportcards

Morrow County School District is pleased to report that its students outperformed comparison school districts data on 5 of 6 outcome performance measures as it relates to what students are achieving in high school.

Compared to districts with similar demographics, such as poverty levels, diversity of their student body, and pupil mobility, MCSD seniors outperformed their counterparts in college and career readiness (as measured by freshman on track to graduate and the percentage of students who took the SAT), high school graduation rate, completion rate, dropout rate and continuing education.

As part of the state’s federal waiver application, Oregon developed a new accountability system with a much greater focus on student learning and growth. Schools also receive a rating that compares them to “like” schools – other schools with similar student demographics including percent poverty, mobility, students of color, and English learners. Schools are rated as below average, about average, or above average as compared to similar schools. This provides parents and community members with another perspective on achievement at the school.

MCSD has 8 schools within the District. Half of the schools within the District yielded strong performances based on the new state school rating criteria, which rates schools from a 1 (lowest performance) to 5 (model school performance).

This year Heppner Elementary and Heppner High School have attained a Level 4 rating. A.C. Houghton, Windy River Elementary, Irrigon Junior/Senior High, Riverside Junior/Senior High, and Sam Boardman Elementary achieved level 3 performance, while Irrigon Elementary School obtained a level 2 rating.

For more information on the MCSD School Report Card or individual school report cards, please go to your child’s school site main office and ask for a copy, or visit http://www.ode.state.or.us/data/reportcard/reports.aspx  and select Morrow County School District.

HEPPNER – El Distrito Escolar del Condado de Morrow está contento en informar que nuestros alumnos superaron los datos de comparación distritos en 5 de 6 medidas de desempeño resultados en como los estudiantes están logrando en la escuelas secundaria. En comparación con los distritos con características demográficas similares, tales como los niveles de pobreza, la diversidad de su alumnado, y la movilidad de alumnos, Estudiantes 12 º grado in MCSD superaron alumnos de comparación distritos en la preparación universitaria y profesional (medida por el porcentaje de estudiantes en camino a graduarse y que tomaron el SAT), la tasa de graduación de la escuela secundaria , la tasa de finalización, y la tasa de abandono escolar.

Como parte de nuestra solicitud para recibir una exención  federal, Oregon desarrolló un nuevo sistema de asignación de responsabilidades con un mayor enfoque en el aprendizaje y el crecimiento de los estudiantes. Las escuelas también reciben una clasificación que las compara con escuelas “similares” -otras escuelas con características demográficas similares de estudiantes incluyendo porcentajes de pobreza, movilidad, estudiantes de color, y estudiantes que están aprendiendo inglés. Las escuelas son clasificadas como debajo del promedio, cerca del promedio o por encima del promedio en comparación con escuelas similares. Esto proporciona a los padres y miembros de la comunidad otra perspectiva sobre el logro de la escuela.

El Distrito Escolar del Condado de Morrow tiene 8 escuelas dentro del distrito. La mitad de las escuelas dentro del distrito dio un fuerte desempeño. Sobre los nuevos criterios de calificación escolar del estado, que tasas las escuelas de un 1 (el rendimiento más bajo) a 5 (rendimiento escolar modelo). Este año Heppner Elementary y Heppner Jr/Sr High han alcanzado una calificación de nivel 4. AC Houghton, Windy River, Irrigon Junior / Senior High, Riverside Junior / Senior High, Sam Boardman Elementary  alcanzó el nivel 3 de rendimiento, mientras que la escuela Irrigon Elementary obtuvo una clasificación de nivel 2.

Para obtener más información sobre el reporte escolar de MCSD o para el acceso de reportes de individual escuelas, por favor visite la oficina de la escuela de su estudiante o pueden utilizarla el Internet y utiliza el website: http://www.ode.state.or.us/data/reportcard/reports.aspx  y seleccione Morrow County School District.

Girls Basketball Open Gym

Girls basketball open gym will be on Mondays and Wednesdays,  3:15-5:00,  beginning October 27th.

Open Gym For Boys Basketball

 Open Gym for 7th - 12th grade boys basketball players at I.E.S. will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.   No sign-up...just show up!  :0

Sports Bus Protocol

If you are returning from a sporting event with a parent other than your own, or not riding the bus, you will need to bring in a note from your parent(s) detailing your plan AT LEAST TWO SCHOOL DAYS BEFORE THE SPORTING EVENT.  No notes will be accepted after that deadline.




Due to time restraints getting the buses to AC Houghton to pick up those students after school we have to make a few adjustments to Brown 40, Red 41, & Purple 42 after school routes. The intent is to reduce the (now) 10-15minute wait outside that the K-3rd graders have after school is out for these buses to even arrive.


Starting this Thursday____September 25th, 2014______AFTERNOON ONLY

bus drop off time will be changing.


Brown 40: 4th-12th graders that live on Patterson Ferry Rd will not get dropped off until after AC Houghton Students are picked up.


Red 41: 4th – 12th graders that live near or at the Fish Hatchery, Usage Ln, and the stops on W. 7th Street will not be dropped off until after AC Houghton Students are picked up.


Purple 42: 4th – 12th graders that live outside of town towards Umatilla will not get dropped off until after AC Houghton Students are picked up.


All Irrigon junior high and senior high students will be expected to sit in the back of the bus so that the youngest ones are up front closest to the driver, unless instructed otherwise by the bus driver or if permission is given by the bus driver for individual needs.

I apologize for the inconveniences. If it wasn’t absolutely necessary we wouldn’t be making the change. Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation. Feel free to call the Mid Columbia Bus Co. at 541.481.7551 if you have any questions.

AC Houghton PARENTS:

Your children that ride on Brown 40, Red 41, & Purple 42 should be arriving at their stops approx. 10 minutes earlier.

Spend A Week In Washington D.C.!

High School juniors – You could spend a week in Washington D.C., all expenses paid, by submitting an application to Umatilla Electric Co-op.  The Washington D.C. Youth Tour is open to qualified juniors attending school in Umatilla or Morrow County.  Parent/guardian must be a current member of Umatilla Electric Co-op.  Pick up an application in the counseling office if you’re interested.  

Parking Permits

Those without an IHS parking permit must park on the side of the road, going the correct direction and not blocking the access road off of 1st street.  You cannot park on the grass/spinklers  by the soccer field, this is school property and can cause damage. If you are parked incorrectly you run the risk of a parking citation from the police.  Reminder: Winter is coming, you may want to get your parking permit before you are walking 2 blocks in the cold winter weather.