Welcome to IHS!


PSAT Protocol - Use the Back Doors to the Gym Locker Rooms

PE Students should use the back doors to the locker rooms this morning in order to avoid interrupting those students who are taking the PSAT.

Irrigon High School Floral Shop

Mr. Greer's floral class will be selling wrapped roses and carnations.  They will be selling during high school lunch starting Wednesday, October 15th.  You can get a Pre-Order form from Mr. Greer.

Halloween Filmfest of FEAR

Drama Club will host a Scary Movie Marathon on Halloween night, Friday October 31st from6:00 pm through midnight.  There will be three creepy, scary movies and concessions will be sold!  Come in costume if you wish!  See Ms. Pedro in the office to get your permission slip, have your parent(s) sign it and bring it back no later than Friday, October 24th.  You must have a signed permission slip to attend.

Open Gym For Boys Basketball

 Open Gym for 7th - 12th grade boys basketball players at I.E.S. will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.   No sign-up...just show up!  :0

Sports Bus Protocol

If you are returning from a sporting event with a parent other than your own, or not riding the bus, you will need to bring in a note from your parent(s) detailing your plan AT LEAST TWO SCHOOL DAYS BEFORE THE SPORTING EVENT.  No notes will be accepted after that deadline.




Due to time restraints getting the buses to AC Houghton to pick up those students after school we have to make a few adjustments to Brown 40, Red 41, & Purple 42 after school routes. The intent is to reduce the (now) 10-15minute wait outside that the K-3rd graders have after school is out for these buses to even arrive.


Starting this Thursday____September 25th, 2014______AFTERNOON ONLY

bus drop off time will be changing.


Brown 40: 4th-12th graders that live on Patterson Ferry Rd will not get dropped off until after AC Houghton Students are picked up.


Red 41: 4th – 12th graders that live near or at the Fish Hatchery, Usage Ln, and the stops on W. 7th Street will not be dropped off until after AC Houghton Students are picked up.


Purple 42: 4th – 12th graders that live outside of town towards Umatilla will not get dropped off until after AC Houghton Students are picked up.


All Irrigon junior high and senior high students will be expected to sit in the back of the bus so that the youngest ones are up front closest to the driver, unless instructed otherwise by the bus driver or if permission is given by the bus driver for individual needs.

I apologize for the inconveniences. If it wasn’t absolutely necessary we wouldn’t be making the change. Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation. Feel free to call the Mid Columbia Bus Co. at 541.481.7551 if you have any questions.

AC Houghton PARENTS:

Your children that ride on Brown 40, Red 41, & Purple 42 should be arriving at their stops approx. 10 minutes earlier.

Spend A Week In Washington D.C.!

High School juniors – You could spend a week in Washington D.C., all expenses paid, by submitting an application to Umatilla Electric Co-op.  The Washington D.C. Youth Tour is open to qualified juniors attending school in Umatilla or Morrow County.  Parent/guardian must be a current member of Umatilla Electric Co-op.  Pick up an application in the counseling office if you’re interested.  

Make-Up Picture Day

Lifetouch will be here on Wednesday, October 15 at 12:30pm in the library to take school pictures.  If you did not have your picture taken at registration, you MUST have it taken on make-up day, October 15th.  So, don't forget to brush your hair and teeth!

Parking Permits

Those without an IHS parking permit must park on the side of the road, going the correct direction and not blocking the access road off of 1st street.  You cannot park on the grass/spinklers  by the soccer field, this is school property and can cause damage. If you are parked incorrectly you run the risk of a parking citation from the police.  Reminder: Winter is coming, you may want to get your parking permit before you are walking 2 blocks in the cold winter weather.

Backpack Reminder

Everyone should have been assigned a locker by now.  All students should store their backpacks in their lockers.  

Class Officers for the 2014-2015 School Year

The polls have closed and the ballots have been counted!  Your class officers for the 2014-2015 school year are:

Freshpersons:     President -- Karlee Gale

                                Vice President -- Brandy Quezada

                                Treasurer -- Kolyne Blurton

                                Secretary -- Lizeth Nunez

Sophomores:      President -- Bruno Salas

                               Vice President -- Asusena Munoz

                               Secretary/Treasurer -- Megan Harley

Juniors:               President -- Nate Verley

                              Vice President -- Colton Seeley

                              Secretary/Treasurer -- Emily Cain

Seniors:              President -- Nancy Mejia

                             Vice President -- Von Groves

                             Secretary/Treasurer -- Oscar Romero

Student Parking

All students who drive to school MUST have a parking pass to park in the student parking lot.  If you have not yet completed your paperwork and received a parking pass form Mrs. Ross, you will not be able to park in the student lot.  Anyone parking in the student lot without a pass will be cited and consequences, up to and including loss of parking privileges, will be assigned.

Cafeteria Announcement

just a reminder that ALL food must be eaten in the cafeteria.  No food allowed in the hallways.   Also, binders, books, backpacks, etc. need to be placed in your locker before lunch.  If you leave them laying around, they may feel neglected and disappear, never to return.

ASB Receipts

If you have paid your ASB fee, but have not had you picture taken for an ASB card, please be sure to bring your ASB receipt with you to the sports events.  With your receipt you will get in to the home games for free.  Without your receipt, you'll have to cough up the two bucks!

Dress Code Reminders

It's easy to forget about some of our dress code and other rules while you're off for the summer.  Just to remind us all of a few key points, please remember:

Dress Code:  No bras straps, no underwear showing, no bare tummies, no inapprpriate pictures or slogans, skirts and shorts must reach mid-thigh (the tips of fingers when arms are held at sides), if you are going to wear leggings, jeggins, or yoga pants, they must be worn with a shirt that reaches mid-thigh, just like skirts and shorts. And no pajamas or slippers!

Technology:  Absolutely NO cell phones, iPhones, smart phones, iPods, MP3 players or the like may be used at school at any time during the school day.  As soon as you walk into the building in the morning, these devices must be turned off and stored in your lockers.  If a staff person sees your device, even if you are not using it, it will be taken away and held in the office for a minumum of 24 hours before a parent may come to pick it up.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Let's have a great year!